Several of Silvains works are exposed in public buildings, both within the German-speaking Community of Belgium and elsewhere - for instance at the headquarters of the European Commission in the Berlaymont building in Brussels, where president José Manuel Barroso inaugurated the exhibition "Summa artis" on 18 May 2006.


Most of the paintings and sculptures that are not shown in Stockem, however, can be found in the government and administration buildings of the German-speaking Community, as much in Eupen as in other parts of Belgium and the world. Indeed, there are paintings in the administrative buildings in Eupen and Sankt Vith, in the employment centre of Eupen, at the seats of the broadcast station Belgischer Rundfunk and the newspaper Grenz Echo - but also in the German-speaking Communities permanent missions, be it in Berlin or in the Ancien Hôtel de Brouckère in Brussels.


What is more, private promoters have had the courtesy to exhibit some of their artworks in places such as the seat of Workgroup Thona, now Hexagon, or the publishing house of the only German-speaking newspaper of Belgium, the Grenz Echo.


Finally, the parish halls of Burg Reuland and Eupen, the hospitals of Eupen and Sankt Vith, or the Eupen day-care centre and public centre for social welfare also borrowed several of the foundation's paintings.